1. MITIT is a powerful educational institution consisting of 3 faculties and 15 departments, the Scientific Center for Communications and Information Technologies and the NCO Military College.

You will receive a bachelor's degree, a master's degree in IT and telecommunications!

2. MITIT is the joint military educational institution located in the historical center of Kyiv on the Pechersk hills and has glorious traditions and its outstanding alumni. Many graduates of the institute have become leading military specialists and generals.

Institute trains officers for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (the Ground Forces, the Air Forces and the Naval Forces, the Special Forces, the Air Assault Forces, the Defence Intelligence), the Security Service of Ukraine, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the State Space Agency of Ukraine, the State Special Transport Service of Ukraine.

We will teach you to be a military professional, to be strong, strong-willed and brave. Here you will find true comrades.

You will become a commander! You can become a general!

3. MITIT - provides professional education in master's degrees in such modern specialties as: computer science and information technology, computer engineering, telecommunications and radio engineering, cybersecurity, armament and military equipment.

You will become a professional in the field of IT and telecommunications!

4. MITIT is a training base for future cyber warriors. During the entire period of training you will study modern information security systems, CISCO hardware and software, fiber optic technologies for construction of the messaging networks.

You will be able to professionally defend Ukraine in cyberspace!

5. MITIT is a modern level of teaching with the use of innovative technologies and modern software products on the basis of various classrooms (computer classes, specialized laboratories, training complex, etc.) with the involvement of significant scientific potential (15 doctors of sciences, 12 professors, 61 candidates of sciences, 48 associate professors, 2 Honored Science and Technology Figures of Ukraine, 1 Honored Education Worker of Ukraine, 1 Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine, 1 - Academician of the branch academy). Permanent access to the Institute's local area network as well as to the Internet gives cadets the opportunity to acquire knowledge at a modern level.

Studying is fascinating and promising.

6. MITIT is an opportunity to increase the level of English proficiency. A modern linguaphone class has been created in the Institute for in-depth study of English for general, technical and military purposes.

The cadets of the Institute are involved in international military exercises, meetings with servicemen of NATO member states as interpreters.

Graduates of the Institute take part in international exercises, peacekeeping missions, study in military colleges and academies of the armed forces of foreign countries.

Upon graduation, you can receive a certificate of personal level of foreign language proficiency of the NATO standard.

You can learn and communicate fluently in a foreign language!

7. MITIT - develops modern scientific schools in the fields of information technology, electronics and telecommunications. The Institute has the postgraduate military course and the doctoral studies in the training of highly qualified scientific personnel and a specialized academic board for the defense of candidate (doctoral) dissertations with certain scientific specialities.

After graduating from the Institute, you can study for a postgraduate degree, doctoral studies and get the doctor of philosophy and the doctor of science scientific degrees.

8. MITIT - provides excellent conditions for sports.Under the guidance of experienced specialist officers, cadets improve their personal level of physical training in running and strength training. Military sports are also practiced - crossing the obstacle course, endurance exercises with weapons.

Every year, our Institute represents a team in military sports multidiscipline event, where cadets show their skills in swimming, running and pistol shooting.

Every year there is the sports day of Kyiv higher educational establishments in various sports: swimming, athletics, basketball, chess, volleyball, football, table tennis, arm sports etc.

You will be well physically developed!

9. MITIT - creates the conditions for a full, meaningful leisure time. The military team educates talented creative personalities, bright creative teams.

The cadets of the institute constantly participate and take prizes in All-Ukrainian competitions, Olympiads, creative performances, in the intercollegiate Clubs of the Funny and Inventive People.

During the leave and on weekends there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the capital, visit historical places of Kyiv, attend the theaters.

You have the opportunity to develop yourself as a personality.

10. MITIT – encourages by personal scholarships. In addition to the constant monthly financial support, the best cadets on the results of training and participation in public activities of the Institute are encouraged by personal scholarships: the President of Ukraine scholarship, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine scholarships, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine scholarships, and others.

You can receive an additional scholarship!

11. Graduates of MITIT receive a driver's license of categories "B", "C". During the main training period you will be able to study the vehicle components and to master its driving.

You can become a great driver!

12. MITIT is the guarantor of social protection:

1. You study only on a state-funded form of education (at the expense of the state);

2. You receive a monthly cash security during the entire study period, those who study for "good" and "excellent" – will receive increased payments;

3. You are fully provided with clothing, food, a place to stay;

4. The entire period of your study is included in the total length of service.

During the whole period of military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine ( other military formations ) you are guaranteed to receive a stable cash security!!!


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