Department of Physical Education, Special Physical Training and Sports

Head of the Department

Colonel Yurii I. BYCHIKHIN

The Department is intended for the formation and improvement of military specialists of the basics of theoretical knowledge, practical, organizational and methodological skills and management skills of physical education, special physical training and sports; the acquisition of skills of self-improvement and maintaining a healthy lifestyle; the formation of skills necessary for the development of general and special physical training for its intended purpose; the development of indicators of functional and morphological capabilities of the body of military personnel; improving working capacity and conducting an active lifestyle.

Cadets have the opportunity to conduct training in various sports and military-applied sports at the Institute's training and sports base, which includes:

  • Gym Hall (36х18);
  • hand-to-hand combat Hall;
  • gyms;
  • methodical class;
  • obstacle course;
  • power platforms;
  • playgrounds: volleyball, basketball, mini-football;
  • distances for running short and long distances.
  • To date, the Department has formed 17 sections: kettlebell lifting, all-around events of the Military Sports Complex, military pentathlon, military applied swimming, athletics, weightlifting (CrossFit), orienteering, armsport, hand-to-hand training (sports biathlon), boxing, shooting with service weapons, football (mini-football), volleyball, basketball, chess, table tennis, tug of war.

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