Department of Military and Humanitarian Disciplines

Head of the Department

Colonel Oleksandr H. SAIENKO

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

The Department is intended for carrying out educational, methodological and scientific activities in all areas of training and specialties (specializations) of the Institute in humanitarian and socio-economic disciplines.

Main disciplines of the Department:

  • History of Ukraine and Ukrainian culture;
  • Ukrainian language in a professional direction;
  • Philosophy (Philosophy, Religious Studies, Logic, Ethics, Aesthetics);
  • Political science and sociology;
  • Legal science (including fundamentals of military law and international humanitarian law);
  • Military pedagogy and psychology;
  • Moral and psychological support for the training and use of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Characteristics of the Academic staff of the Department:

  • Doctor of Sciences – 1;
  • Candidates of Sciences – 5;
  • Professor – 1;
  • Associate professors – 3.

In its composition, the Department has a study room that allows cadets (students), adjuncts (applicants) to better prepare for training sessions and engage in scientific work during self-development. At its disposal it has:

  • more than 800 modern textbooks of an educational, scientific and methodological character;
  • 100% of textbooks in electronic form that were published by the Department;
  • electronic database of Ukrainian legislation on military issues.

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