Improving language level: military personnel of MITIT completed a course on learning and improving English

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Lieutenant Colonel Oleksandr Symonenko, Associate Professor of the Department of Automated Control Systems of the Faculty of Information Technology, and Major Victoria Sinko, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Telecommunication Systems and Networks of the Faculty of Telecommunication Systems, have successfully completed the course on learning and improving English.

This course was organized by the Polish Navy Academy in cooperation with the NATO Defence Education Enhancement Program (DEEP) (Polish Navy Academy, Gdynia). The purpose of the course was to improve the level of English language proficiency in the specialty and to certify the level of proficiency.

The acquired level of English language proficiency enables the use of a wider range of English-language scientific and technical literature in scientific and pedagogical activities and will facilitate the process of implementing NATO standards and will also enable the conduct of classes in English.

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