The lecturer of the MITIT Department of Foreign Languages participated in the annual seminar on professional development of foreign language lecturers

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Within the framework of the annual seminar on professional development of foreign language lecturers, that was held in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan, representative of the Kruty Heroes Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology, the lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages, Mrs. Kateryna Hapishko, actively participated in the development of her professional competence and exchange of experience with the colleagues from different countries.

The participation in the event took place in accordance with the decision of the First Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine and for the implementation of the activities of the NATO Bureau for International Language Coordination (BILC).

During the seminar, Mrs. Kateryna received valuable theoretical knowledge aimed at improving and modernizing the methods of teaching foreign languages. Participants of the event had the opportunity to discuss the latest approaches and technologies in the field of language teaching, exchange best practices and innovative ideas.

It is important to note that the participants gained practical experience during workshops that concerned the introduction of modern pedagogical techniques in the process of teaching. Moreover, Kateryna Hapishko was awarded a BILC NATO certificate for successful completion of lectures and workshops, that confirmed her high professional training and active participation in the event.

The acquired knowledge and certificate serve not only as a significant contribution to the professional development of the lecturer, but also as a confirmation of the high standard of teaching foreign languages at the Military Institute.

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