Military communications men have presented their own achievements at the XVII International Specialized Exhibition " Arms and Security 2021»

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The XVII International Specialized Exhibition "Arms and Security 2021" has started its work at the International Exhibition Center, which is attended by cadets and officers of the Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technologies named after Heroes of Kruty.

During the exhibition, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel-General Ruslan Khomchak, and the chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Serhii Korniichuk, were interested in systems that are capable of analyzing automatically the data obtained by an unmanned aerial vehicle in real time and and identifying enemy equipment and putting data on their location on the map. Attention was also drawn to the issue of unmanned aerial vehicles as a repeater and the construction of such networks as the "Fly Mobile ad Hoc Network (FANET)".

At the exhibition, the Institute's staff presented an unmanned aerial vehicle, the main task of which is to ensure the control of units, increase the bandwidth capability, availability, redundancy and survivability of communication networks to control troops.

- We present the achievements that we have developed over the past year. First of all, it is 3D scanning and printing with the help of which we cover a very wide range of tasks, since we have almost no restrictions in design work, because having a large industrial base, we produce everything ourselves. We create airplanes, water and ground drones. We also have the «Simon» neural network. This is a multi-object interactive guidance and navigation system that is able to recognize certain objects in real time, having streaming video or satellite images, that it has been trained " said cadet Volodymyr, an exhibition participant.

Also, the intelligent Mesh network of multifunctional sensor nodes for military monitor and decision-making systems ISR – ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance-Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) was presented. This network consists of a system of sensitive intelligent nodes, a data-communication network with communication nodes, processing data and decision-making nodes. This system is capable of detecting, measuring, and analyzing acoustic, seismic, and electromagnetic signals in a defined area. In addition, it is able to locate the sources of the above-mentioned signals and interact with military situational control systems.

It should be noted that the MITIT is presenting its own scientific developments for the third time at the International Specialized Exhibition "Arms and Security".

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