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The team of IT specialists from MITI won silver at the TIDE NATO Hackathon 2024

Добавлено: 26.02.2024 Переглянуто: 3275

37 powerful military and civilian IT teams from 21 countries of the world were united this year by the TIDE NATO Hackathon, which took place from February 19 to 23, 2024 in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The best IT specialists of the masters and cadets of the Faculty of Information Technology of the Kruty Heroes Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology were lucky enough to take part in this event.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine were represented by two teams from MITIT: JAM Team and IT Workshop.

The TIDE NATO Hackathon is part of a series of events aimed at improving interoperability between NATO and its allies through the search for innovative solutions and approaches. During the hackathon, teams compete in 3 proposed challenges.

During the event, the teams competed in three areas: LLM WARGAMING (development of large-scale language models for WARGAMING), NOISY SPEECH TO TEXT (text extraction from voice speech), and PHARMACEUTICAL THESAURUS (pharmaceutical thesaurus).

Fierce competition, working atmosphere and intense brainstorming of world-class professionals accompanied this year's competition.

According to the results of the judging, the JAM Team took an honorable 2nd place out of 13 teams in the area of "Pharmaceutical Thesaurus in a Multinational Military Medical Context", losing only slightly to the Valkyrie-1 team of the well-known Ukrainian IT company SoftServe.

The IT Workshop team's solution in the area of "Development of systems for automatic conversion of low-quality audio files with voice messages into text for further analysis (Noisy Speech to Text (nSTT)" was among the top five among 9 teams.

The teams from the Military Institute included:

- JAM Team:

Lieutenant Oleksandr Sachuk, Senior Soldier Stepan Starodubtsev, Senior Soldier Ilya Tsiuniak, Soldier Kyrylo Ozmitel;

- IT Workshop team:

unior Sergeant Vitaliy Dolgushyn, Soldier Borys Ogorodniy, Soldier Dmytro Bykov, Soldier Oleksandr Zahorenko.

We congratulate our IT specialists on such high achievements and wish them further victories! We are proud of you!

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