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The event online between the Institute's cadets and cadets of the Polish Naval Academy (Gdynia, Poland)

Добавлено: 25.02.2024 Переглянуто: 3227

For the first time, the Kruty Heroes Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology hosted an international roundtable discussion "Symbols of Heroism, Resistance and Patriotism that Deserve Memory and Respect" on the basis of the Department of Military Humanities, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the beginning of Ukraine's national liberation war against the Moscow aggressor. The event was held online between the Institute's cadets and cadets of the Polish Naval Academy (Gdynia, Poland).

The event was attended by active representatives of young people who are interested in the historical past of their homeland. The speakers received a certificate of participation in the Roundtable. Colonel Oleksandr Saienko, Head of the Department of Military and Humanitarian Disciplines, delivered a welcoming speech to the participants.

The participants discussed a number of topical issues in the history of Ukraine and the world and expressed their views on them. Thus, the Institute's cadets (supervisor: S. Khovrych) highlighted the events of the heroic struggle of Ukrainian youth in the national-state struggle of 1917-1921, in particular, the battle of Kruty on January 29, 1918, and its interpretation by various researchers. Naturally, the young speakers paid special attention to the causes and course of the current Moscow-Ukraine war (ongoing since 2014), the lives and struggles of the Heroes of Ukraine, etc.

In their presentations, the foreign participants of the Roundtable, cadets of the Westerplatte Naval Academy, touched upon the problem of glorification of Polish heroes of the past, and also described some traditions observed in modern military institutions in Poland. Finally, one of the Polish speakers said: "Glory to Ukraine!". There were lively discussions on certain issues; sometimes different opinions and assessments of a particular event were voiced, which greatly enlivened the work of the Roundtable and encouraged participants to actively participate in the discussion of the issues raised.

Мали місце жваві дискусії з окремих питань; подекуди лунали різні думки й оцінки щодо певної події, – це неабияк оживляло роботу Круглого столу, а також стимулювало учасників до активної участі в обговоренні озвучених питань.

The participants of the International Roundtable approved the Resolution, in which they made recommendations and suggestions, including the following: the mutually beneficial and productive cooperation between the Kruty Heroes' VITI and the Westerplatte Heroes' Naval Academy should be continued, in particular, in conducting joint scientific and practical events.

The materials were prepared according to the information of the Secretary of the Organizing Committee of the Round Table, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Serhii Khovrych.

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