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Lecturers of the Cybersecurity Department participated in the International Cyber Competition Cyber Spartan 2023

Добавлено: 08.12.2023 Переглянуто: 4323

Lecturers of the Kruty Heroes Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology Cybersecurity Department together with specialists of one of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Communication and Cyber Security Forces Command military units were involved in the International Cybersecurity Exercises (Cyber Competition) Cyber Spartan 2023 as part of the joint bt29 team.

32 teams from different countries participated in this event. The combined team of the Institute and the Command took the 10th place in the competition, and also gained useful experience in responding to modern threats in cyberspace, repelling various attacks from hacker groups that were created by the organizers as part of the event.

The exercises included 8 stages, each of which differed in cyber actions tactics and techniques, using red teams to capture critical infrastructure management systems, block information security systems, and disrupt the sustainable functioning of organizations' information systems in a virtual environment.

The Cyber Competition was held for five days in an online format.

This event was another step in deepening relations between Ukraine and European countries in cyberspace, and also contributed to the development of an extensive system of responding to and countering cyber threats.

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