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Newest steps: the first international cyber competitions organized by the MITIT Cybersecurity Department were held

Добавлено: 27.11.2023 Переглянуто: 4337

The scientific and pedagogical staff team and the educational and laboratory complex of the Cybersecurity Department held international competitions in cybersecurity. At the event, for the first time, a scenario developed by lecturers of the Department was implemented based on the experience of participating in the Vulnerability Detection Program, Certified Ethical Hacking Network Security Program courses, as well as participation in NATO CWIX and DCM2 cyber competitions (cyber exercises).

The teams of the Naval Academy of Bulgaria (Varna), Kozhedub Kharkiv National University of Air Force, Kruty Heroes Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology as well as combat unit on responding to and countering cyber threats of the Communication and Cyber Security Forces Command were involved in the competitions.

The main purpose of the event was to spread cooperation between higher educational institutions in the sphere of Education in the field of Cybersecurity and Information Protection, as well as to attract higher educational institutions of various types of troops to use the modern MITIT Cyber Laboratory (Cyber Training Area) in the process of studying and training.

"The Institute and the Department have already reached the level of opportunities to independently organize and conduct cyber competitions, training and educating of response teams to cyber threats of both state and international nature. This event was another step in the development and improvement of the system of training cybersecurity and information protection specialists using modern material and technical base, best practices of European countries and combat experience of the Communication and Cyber Security Forces Command units," comments the Head of the Cybersecurity Department Vladyslav Chevardin.

The cyber competitions (cyber exercises) were held for two days in an online format. The first day — preparation, connection to the Cyber Training Area, verification and determination of the conditions and rules for conducting cyber competitions. The second day — performing exercises, analyzing the results, setting tasks for future cooperation. The exercises included solving practical tasks in traffic analysis, detecting software and infrastructure vulnerabilities, digital forensics, and cryptographic information protection protocols.

It should be noted that conducting cyber competitions in an online format ensures the safety of event participants and creates conditions for full concentration on solving complex intellectual tasks by each team separately.

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