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At the forefront of cybersecurity: MITIT cadets gain practical experience from NATO experts

Добавлено: 15.05.2023 Переглянуто: 451

In modern world, where cyberattacks and threats to cybersecurity are becoming more widespread, the importance of providing cyber defense and an effective communication system, as well as information exchange for military personnel of military higher educational institutions, is becoming extremely great. That is why cadets of the Kruty Heroes Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology are willing to participate in training on these issues.

Thus, in May 2023, MITIT cadets took part in training events on cyber defense, Communication and Information System (Cyber/CIS) with the participation of instructors of the Mobile Training Team of the NATO Land Command (Izmir, Republic of Turkey) using video conferencing tools.

During the training of military personnel, instructors of the Mobile Training Team of the NATO Land Command provide not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills. This allows military personnel to gain real-life experience working with advanced technologies and the latest software.

NATO Representatives have extensive experience in developing and implementing advanced cyber defense technologies and communication systems, that makes them valuable Partners for the Military Institute. Thank you for your cooperation!

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