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Добавлено: 09.11.2021 Переглянуто: 5003

On November 9, the the Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technologies named after Heroes of Kruty hosted the NATO Day with the involvement of a delegation from the North Atlantic Alliance.

The educational establishment was visited by the delegation led by Rear Admiral of the Turkish Armed Forces Bülent Turan. The delegation of the Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technologies named after Heroes of Kruty was chaired by the Head of the Institute, Major General Viktor Ostapchuk.

The purpose of the event was to inform cadets and research and teaching staff about the current state of cooperation between Ukraine and NATO and the prospects for the transformation of the Alliance in the modern security environment.

The delegates attended a guided tour of the Institute, introduced Ukrainian military specialists to the priorities and current tendencies in the development of NATO activities, and held a round table with lecturers of the Military Institute.

Also, during the day, a number of lectures with cadets of the Institute were held in several syndicates with foreign partners. During the lectures, foreign specialists raised the following pressing topics:

- "NATO-Ukraine military cooperation";

- "Relations between Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers";

- "Gender integration";

- "Cyberdomain".

It is worth noting that on this day, cadets had the opportunity to communicate in person with representatives of the delegation during lunch and during breaks, that indicates the high level of cadets’ knowledge of a foreign language. During the presentation of the departments, cadets acted as interpreters for delegates.

During the event, cadets and officers gained invaluable experience and high-quality conversational practice, that will help them to be fluent in a foreign language in the future.

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