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Results of the participation of the team of the MITIT named after Heroes of Kruty in the hackathon NATO TIDE Hackathon 2021

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During the week, the team of MITIT named after Heroes of Kruty Hedgehogs MITIT was participating in the international competitions TIDE Hackathon 2021, which this year were held via video conferencing.

The team presented solutions in the field of multi-domain compatibility, in particular, compatibility at the level of the military Internet of things. The solution is based on a distributed data registry based on a blockchain-like IOTA open-source technology. The essence of the solution was the principle of building military sensor networks to ensure the compatibility of sensors on the battlefield, and/or during joint operations with allies.

The principles on which the solutions were based did not depend on the internal format of data within the registry, which made it possible to use different standards already adopted by nations and simplified the procedure for implementing the technology. Part of the proposed protection solution was based on the principles of interaction between nations during joint operations, and corresponded to the principles of FMN. The solution covered the main issues related to the organization of decentralized networks capable of self-organization, cryptooperation and data security.

The issues of managing of unique digital sensor identifiers and managing the sensors themselves were also resolved. Using a distributed registry made it impossible to forge registry entries, and made it possible to track the appearance of new devices on the network.

The solution from the Institute was also presented on one of the TIDE Sprint tracks and in the field of multi-domain compatibility (Multi-Domain C2).

Representatives of the ACT office became interested in the solution of the Institute's team and exchanged contacts for further discussion of the presented technology.

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