Teams of MITIT took part in Grid NetWars Ukraine 2021 cyber training

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The most anticipated event in recent months took place, namely, the Grid NetWars Ukraine 2021 competitions. These competitions are considered as one of the most powerful cyber battles in the world.

The main organizer of these competitions is the SANS International Institute, where similar events were held in Singapore, India, Japan, Canada and many other countries.

This time, the National Coordination Center for Cybersecurity of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine organized the Grid NetWars competitions between teams from various organizations in all sectors, including the defense, energy, business and financial sectors.

A total of 49 teams took part in the event.

Two teams were represented from MITIT: the one_csd33 team, which included lecturers of the Department of Cybersecurity - Vladyslav Chevardin, Pavlo Khusainov, Valentyn Bakanov, Oleksandr Marchuk and the gama_csd33 team, which included cadets of the Faculty of combat use of control and communications systems, Captain - Ivan Lavryk, cadets Ihor Matviichuk, Vladyslav Savchuk, Yana Bihun, Oleksandra Chernenko. According to the results of competitions, the one_csd33 team took the 7th place out of 49, the second team gama_csd33 entered the top twenty./p>

During the competition, comfortable conditions were created with visualization of the results of completing tasks and musical design of the event, which contributed to the interest and fierce struggle between the participants of the event in solving complex tasks.

The tasks were of four levels of difficulty:

Level 1 - Starting the Analysis. Be Careful. Working With Data Sets. Third Party Remote Access.

Level 2 – Downloads. OT Environment Analysis

Level 3 – Config. FTP. File. Boot.

Level 4 - PLC. Programs instantiated.

Such events are of paramount importance in the system of training specialists in specialty 125 Cybersecurity, because at these competitions cadets clearly understand the risks and problems that are inherent in the objects of critical information infrastructure of the state.

Cadets have a deeper understanding of the meaning and functionality of a cybersecurity specialist, unlike other specialties. During the competition, participants understand all the necessary skills that a cybersecurity specialist needs, learn to make quick and reasonable decisions based on the knowledge gained during their studies at the Institute.

Cadets Oleksandr Karpyshynets, Mariia Romanovska, Pavlo Chornyi, Anton Samoiliuk supported their comrades.

This was another step in acquiring cybersecurity capabilities by cadets and employees of the Cybersecurity Department. We wish our boys and girls good health and new achievements.

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