Participation of MITIT cadets in the Ukrainian-American command and staff exercises with the involvement of troops "Rapid Trident - 2019"

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On September 13, the two-week international exercises "Rapid Trident-2019" started at the International Center for Peacekeeping and Security. Units from Ukraine, the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Georgia, Lithuania, Turkey, Moldova, Poland, and Romania are participating in the exercise.

For the first time, as part of a military internship, the cadets of the 5th year of the Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technologies named after Heroes of Kruty are participating in these exercises. The cadets are involved as operators of the "Delta" information system where they deal with the setting up, configuration and maintenance of this system during exercises. Cadets also take part in the planning and programming of the radio equipment to ensure the conduct of exercises.

At the exercises, it is planned to demonstrate the operation of the unmanned aerial vehicle repeater, which is capable of working with Motorola and Harris telecommunications equipment.

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