Victory of MITIT cadets in the Second National Defense Hackathon

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During the five days of the competition, the teams represented by the Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technologies named after Heroes of Kruty together with other IT specialists, representatives of the National Guard of Ukraine, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the Command of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a number of military educational institutions, with the participation of NATO experts worked on the development of innovative architectural and software solutions to settle the topical issues of defense and security sphere.

Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technologies named after Heroes of Kruty presented four teams: “MITI XERUSES” (26th course) and “MONOLIT” (25th course), that participated in the section - “Programming”; “MITI MOONY Pandas” (26th course) - section “Modeling” and “SQUADOVERFLOW” (27th course) - section “Combined task”.

The teams were asked to develop a number of architectural, programmatic and procedural solutions that would allow the components of the security and defense sector of Ukraine to effectively deal with compatibility issues.

The teams of our establishment of higher education “MITI XERUSES” (26th course) and “MONOLIT” (25th course), that took part in the section - “Programming”, had to set up a software application for conducting of the operational situation (formation and use of tactical signs for conducting of the operational situation). Due to the results of the competition, the cadets have completed the assigned task, and the team "MITI XERUSES" has implemented a mobile application to display the tactical situation in augmented reality. In their nominations, the team "MITI XERUSES" (26th course) took 1st place, and the team "MONOLIT" (25th course) took 2nd place.

The task of the team "MITI MOONY Pandas" (26th course) - section "Modeling", was to create a system of development, dissemination, execution of orders and instructions and work with documents. The concept is based on a system that allows real-time monitoring of the process of execution of an order or task, as well as separate stages of working with the document. In addition, the concept allows to access documents in a trusted loop with the appropriate user rights. Resolved an issue with the number of copies, while editing, and returning to the required version of the document. The architecture of the software application was performed using a cloud approach. The system is flexible, easily expandable and secure. To protect the information, the classification of information in the document was used. The data is stored in a distributed fault-tolerant storage. EDS is also implemented in the work at the stages of authentication, authorization, registration and certification of the document. It is proposed to use a certificate obtained from a trusted center. All the problematic issues assigned to the team have been resolved, and this concept has a partial software implementation. In the presented category our team took the 3rd place.

"SQUADOVERFLOW" (27th course) - section "Combined task". During the implementation of the selected task, the issue of ensuring the ability to import / export of data on the operational situation from / to the systems of NATO member countries in accordance with the standards of the ADEM specification was resolved. This team took 1st place in its nomination.

Special attention should be paid to cadet Serhii Horbenko, who showed excellent results during the competition and received the “TIDE Hackathon 2020” Participant Certificate, that will take place in Munich, Germany.

The command and personnel of the Military Institute are proud of the cadets, who out of eight nominations took four prizes, including the two first places in the most difficult categories.

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